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Welcome to the website of the churchyard of the Dutch Reformed Church in Veendam (province of Groningen), The Netherlands. Please scroll down this page and you will be guided through the "search" procedure, so that you may find the location where the person that you wish to trace is buried in this churchyard. A large number of graves still have monuments or gravestones, even though some have become practically illegible over the decades.

There are photographs of those monuments and gravestones whose inscriptions can still be read.


For the purpose of this project, the burial registers (1850 - 1950) of the churchyard of the above-mentioned church were digitalised by the late Henk Boon, Koos Gräper (Borgercompagnie) and the late Geert W. Spelde. Joop Leffers, in his capacity of warden of the churchyard, provided the neceassary background information, and Henk de Sain (Blaricum) supplied the indispensable computer/website support and database expertise, as well as never-ending enthusiastic assistance.


The churchyard was re-designed by F.F. van Hulten in 1845, and in the first and oldest section over 3,000 people were buried. Later, the churchyard was expanded by 3 more sections, and in all over 9,000 people found their last resting-place here.

Further information

Among those buried in this churchyard is a large number of sea-going "Veendammers", such as Hazewinkel, Wilkens and others. The Veenkoloniaal Museum in Veendam has created a special site devoted to the graves of those seafarers (click

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War Graves

In the Veendam churchyard there is an official section with Commonwealth war graves. Here the brave and courageous crew of an RAF bomber who in the second World War gave their lives for our freedom, have been buried.

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