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The Veendam churchyard consists of 4 sections: A, B, C
and D, each of which has a number of sub-sections, such as e.g. A3, B6, C2, D3 etc.

In the old days, each section had a number of "rows", but as from the late 90's this system has been replaced by one in which there are paths instead of rows. The oldest part of the churchyard, A1, however, has neither rows nor paths, as the ravages of time have been so effective that it is no longer possible to recognise these "tracks" anymore in this part of the burial ground. There are about 100 gravestones/monuments left, scattered throughout this part of section A.

In order to link the photos to the graves that do have a stone or monument, an identification code has been developed. This code consists of 3 elements, e.g. A3 004 0078. The first element (A3) stands for section A, subsection 3. The second element refers to the path: path 4 The third part of the code denotes the number of the grave: 0078.

In some cases it has been necessary to add a letter to the number, for example: A2 003 0125a. This means that it was not possible to identify the location of the relevant grave more precisely, because there is no monument anymore, or the registration of the burial details was not done sufficiently accurately at the time.

As it was explained above, there are no visible paths in Section A1. Therefore, the middle element of the code for graves (with or without photos) in this part of the churchyard is always 000. Thus, A1 000 0078 is a typical code for this oldest part of the churchyard.

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